Services for companies

Whether you need support in setting up a company, would like to outsource your company's accounting or are looking for a sparring partner for your company management, we are here for you.

Thanks to our highly trained team and our years of experience, we find answers and solutions to all your fiduciary issues. We provide advisory and/or executive support – always tailored to your needs, professionally impeccable and with the future of your company as our main focus.

Finance and accounting

We keep financial accounts, prepare annual financial statements and provide support in financial corporate governance.

Human Resources

We prepare payroll, take care of your personnel administration from A to Z, help with social insurance issues and keep electronic personnel files.

Tax consultancy

We prepare tax returns, advise on tax optimisation and answer questions in the area of VAT.

Management consultancy

We help with setting up and locating companies, develop financial and business plans and accompany you during reorganisations.

Legal advice

We support you in all matters relating to corporate and contract law.

Financial accounting
  • Keeping financial accounts for sole proprietorships, partnerships, legal entities, associations and foundations
  • Keeping sub-ledgers and special accounts (debtors and creditors, securities, investments)
  • Introduce new accounting standards


Annual financial statements according to legal requirements
  • Preparation of tax-optimised interim and annual financial statements as well as advice on financial statements from a business management perspective


Controlling and reporting
  • Create and implement internal control systems (ICS)
  • Development and support in the introduction of cost accounting and controlling concepts
  • Support for the financial management of the company
  • Preparation of optimisation proposals taking into account financial and tax aspects
  • Preparation of analyses and interpretation of the company's key figures and development of effective measures
  • Preparation of budgets, business and financial plans


Consolidated financial statements
  • Consolidation of Group companies
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements


Temporary assignments
  • Rapid stand-in for planned and unplanned absences in finance and accounting
  • Support during periodic and irregular bottlenecks and peaks (e.g. holidays, end of year, project launches)
  • Payroll accounting as well as electronic data transmission to social security, tax and withholding tax offices
  • Preparation of the monthly pay slips
  • Create customised special calculations
  • Reconciliation of payroll accounting with financial accounting
  • Create evaluations according to individual wishes
  • Preparation of wage statements
  • Compilation of wage structure surveys


Social security
  • Assist in the establishment of social security schemes
  • Preparing the annual notifications to the social insurance funds
  • Advice in the areas of social insurance, pension provision and labour law
  • Preparation and support for AHV and SUVA revisions
  • Coordination and clarification with social insurances and authorities


Withholding tax
  • Preparation of the withholding tax statements


Personnel administration
  • Maintaining electronic personnel files that can be accessed at any time
  • Time recording and absence management
  • Drawing up personnel and expense regulations tailored to the company
  • Support in the development of bonus and staff appraisal systems
  • Drawing up employment contracts
  • Drawing up employer's references
  • Preparing registrations or de-registrations with the social insurances
  • Registration of child allowances
  • Processing of special cases such as illness, accident, maternity, etc.


Temporary assignments
  • Rapid stand-in for planned and unplanned absences in finance and accounting
  • Support during periodic and irregular bottlenecks and peaks (e.g. holidays, end of year, project launches)
Tax returns
  • Preparation of tax returns for direct federal tax as well as for cantonal and communal taxes
  • Checking tax assessments and tax invoices
  • Assessment of intercantonal and international tax issues
  • Corporate and restructuring tax law


Representation vis-à-vis tax authorities
  • Support and representation in all tax matters


Tax planning and optimisation
  • Analysis and advice on tax optimisation
  • Development of optimisation proposals and concepts
  • Medium and long-term tax planning


Value added tax
  • Support in all VAT matters (registration, deletion, settlements, turnover reconciliation)
  • Preparation and support for audits by the Federal Tax Administration
  • Fiscal representation of foreign companies
  • Support in cross-border VAT and customs matters
  • Advice on EU VAT issues
  • Company foundations, start-ups
  • Company settlements
  • Restructuring
  • Finance and business plan
  • Board function as administrative board or foundation board
  • Management and administration of companies
  • Insurance
  • Management consulting and business valuation based on sound analyses
  • Support in strategy development and realignment respectively
  • Support in the liquidation or sale of companies
  • Support with succession planning
  • Company law
  • Contract law

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